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❀✿Lolita Clothing and Accessories✿❀

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Hello and welcome to my selling journal! I have a lot of Lolita brand items and other things in the Lolita section, as well as some not so Lolita items in the Not So Lolita section. Pretty self-explanatory. Check out both sections, you might find something you like! Feel free to contact me with any questions about any item (including requests for additional photos, which are not a problem).

♥ Everything is DIRECT SALE only. I will not honor a higher price for an item if someone has already claimed it. I will keep an item on reserve for 24 hours only, starting from the time the comment was made. If you are squeamish about direct sale, check my eBay feedback, which is perfect. My eBay screenname is curiosityv. I am very trustworthy, and miyu_sakura, pierrotseven and theosakakoneko can all vouch for me.

♥ I only accept PAYPAL (cash or credit). My PayPal email address is curiosity@curiosityvalentine.com. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM MY CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS. Please take note of this and send all PayPal payments to one and not the other! (This is very important!)

♥ I expect all PayPal invoices to be paid within 5 days. After this 5 days, if payment is not made, I will cancel the sale and have the right to resell the item to someone else.

♥ I live in Chicago, IL, USA. All prices are in US dollars. I will attempt to give you the best shipping rate possible, whether you are in the US or international. In your comment, please add your location so that I may calculate shipping for you.

♥ ALL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED ON MONDAYS. I get pretty pressed for time, so I will go to the post office on Mondays and ship your stuff. This means if you buy before 5pm on a Monday, your item will be shipped on Monday. If you buy an item on a Tuesday, it will be shipped the following Monday. Please keep this in mind if you want something quickly. I can be convinced to expedite shipping, please email me to discuss this.

♥ Also, I hate to have to add this because I am generally trusting of people, but after things like Loligate I feel that I must. Anyone who tries to pull anything over on me will have bad things happen to them, up to and including their name mercilessly strewn all over my journal and all over egl.

♥ I have the right to deny any sale for any reason.

♥ If you are buying from me I will assume that you have read this and agree to these terms.

❧The Wild Rose
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